Consulting Services

Align and optimize an organization's people, processes, systems and technology for total $uccess.

We provide a wide range of professional management services. Please hover over the tiles for more information. You can count on Venture Link to provide everything you need to build success in your company!

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Advanced Analytics

Strategy experience and analytical expertise combine to enable decision-making and create value.
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Change Management

Transforming organizations from the inside, moving from current to future state, achieving new levels of performance and attainment.
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Working with and developing people to ensure knowledge and understanding is transferred for sustainability.
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Corporate Finance

Linking corporate strategy, financial strategy, transactions and a capital markets perspective to create value.
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Customer Strategy & Marketing

In-depth customer insights combined with economic and operational fundamentals.
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Digital Adoption

Equip leaders to identify the correct digital changes needed, lead their people, and manage the processes and systems necessary for change.
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Systematic in our approach with a proven process by which we operate smarter and faster.
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Human Capital

Assessing and aligning the knowledge, skills, and attributes of your people to the mission.
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Information Technology

Realizing the full potential of IT resources, investments and assets.
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Mergers & Acquisitions

An integrated approach linking acquisition strategy, due diligence and merger integration.
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Ensuring the entire organization is aligned and set up to successfully deliver on the company's objectives.
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Unlock growth, lower costs and unleash your strategy.
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Performance Improvement

Enabling companies to grow revenue, improve margins and reposition quickly.
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Results Delivery

Predicting, measuring and managing risk associated with change management.
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Strategic Sourcing

Benchmarking against the marketplace, supplier identification & rationalization, RFX management, contracting & negotiations, and procurement process improvement including e-Sourcing and Procure-to-Pay solutions.
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Tailored solutions that deliver results and achieve sustained growth.
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Identifying and aligning people, processes, and systems to ensure desired outcomes are consistently realized to make sustainability a source of on-going value.
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Demonstrating and teaching the correct methods, skills and behaviors necessary to develop the knowledge needed to obtain the desired results.
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A cross-functional effort to alter the financial, operational and strategic trajectory of a business.
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Capital Sourcing

We can assist clients seeking capital infusions by sourcing investment and funding through our extensive network to locate seed, expansion, debt, private equity or venture capital.
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Additional Services

A cross-functional effort to alter the financial, operational and strategic trajectory of a business.
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