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AI Big Data Platform for Cost Reduction Optimization

AI Big Data Platform analyzes your general ledger against $6T data spend of 10M companies identifying and obtaining the highest savings for you with ongoing monitoring to ensure you always receive the highest savings possible. No one else has this.
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Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable fintech turns AP into revenue-generating, convert vendors on virtual card and attains savings/increased efficiencies. 25 of the world's largest banks utilize and white label their platform technology.
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Asset Recovery

Leading financial recovery firm works for you to identify and return funds most companies are not aware are theirs or available to them and have recovered over $250M in unclaimed property and class actions for 1000s of companies in all industries.
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HealthCare Savings

Leading service can reduce your employee health benefit costs by 12-25% utilizing creative approaches to structure the best plan that's right for your company with transparent costs without necessarily changing providers. Contact us to learn how they can structure a better and substantially lower-cost plan for you
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Same Day Pay

Same Day Pay fintech gives your hourly employees same-day access to their earned wages, alleviate stress, increase engagement and ultimately decrease employee turnover.
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Shipping Technology At No Cost
Leading multi-mode multi-carrier shipping software provider leverages its network to reduce your shipping expenses by 15-40% via the lowest rates and the highest efficiency and they excel at managing your unique complexities to alleviate challenging pain points.
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